Tuesday, January 08, 2008

~permanent state of frustration, I think~

~I am doomed to be forever frustrated....

~I rec'd a call from the Short-Term Disability folks today...apparently since my doctor did not indicate any 'restrictions' or 'limitations' to me working @ SBUX, they are saying that my disability cannot begin 'til Jan 23rd. Well, you KNOW THAT DIDN'T MAKE ME HAPPY.

~I tried calling the SBUX benefits line but they are gone for the day so I'll have to follow up w/them tomorrow. If it doesn't affect my health benefits at all, then I really don't care, but if they say I'd have to go back to SBUX sooner than 3/24, then I will likely call the doctor and ask her to re-submit the form with my complaint of achey and swollen feet and legs. (not to mention the obvious state of discomfort being on my feet for countless hours and carrying around an extra 45 lbs)

~SBUX sucks when it comes to the maternity leave policy...2 wks prior to the due date is just absolutely ridiculous. Did I mention how LITTLE space there is behind the counters? I know everyone has been inside a SBUX, they are not as big as Walmart!! Hello!?!?

~Proceeding on to the current work situation -and the 'skeletons in the closet' that continue to come out there...let me just begin by saying I have never worked somewhere with crazy processes on recruiting.

~Before I came on board, the recruiting for this location was handled by some folks in VA. There are currently 4 candidates already identified and awaiting offers. They have been waiting for their offer since prior to the holidays. Just so you know - the longest part in the recruiting process is finding the RIGHT candidate...once that is done, the offer should be promptly extended so as to avoid losing the candidate...apparently these folks don't realize that and continue to drag their feet in getting offers out. Odd!

~I don't understand all the rush-rush in getting me hired when ultimately I will not be closing any requisitions anytime soon based on their ridiculous time-line.

~I have also repeatedly asked for a listing of salary ranges for the open positions - it's pretty much an essential tool when it comes to recruiting. If a candidate is looking for a salary of 90k and the job pays 50k, there is no sense in me wasting my time with them, or their time interviewing etc. For whatever bizarre reason, the 'powers-that-be' do not want to share this info with me or the other gal in my location - we are both frustrated by this. It makes NO sense.

~One of my hiring mgrs has interviewed 9 candidates over the past 4 days. On Thursday we will sit down to determine who he wants to extend offers to...I bet it takes more than 2 wks for the offers to go out...it's out of my control and SOOOOO frustrating. No sense of accomplishment or closure for me in this job.

~Anyway - that's it in a (large) nutshell...so you can see why I'm fairly disenchanted with the job.

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I am sending you a hug. You are making me NOT want to go to Starbucks anymore. They suck.