Tuesday, January 15, 2008

day 1: project humidifier

~the congestion is bad, really bad, like I'm already getting very little sleep due to general body discomfort bad, throw in not being able to breathe and well, not much sleep at all. (which results in a very cranky me-more than usual)

~doc said to use Saline Spray and a humidifer.

~we bought the humidifier last night and there was slight improvement throughout the night

~we'll try it again tonight...here's hoping that consistency yields a positive change (and less boogers)



Chele76 said...

Personally, I think humidifyers make a HUGE difference... especially if you have forced hot air heating your home.

For about two weeks my lower lip was so swolen (from being consistantly chapped) that it would bleed from just talking. My huge puffy lips convinced Daniel to buy TWO humidifies... one for the bedroom and one for downstairs. I have not had chapped lips, congestion or a sore throat since then (and I am a mouth breather!)

I hope they bring you as much comfort as they did for me.

krystyn said...

Day 1 was better than Day 2...tonight will be the 3rd try - I'm really really hoping this improves, but it's the humidifier vs. hormones...I'm thinking that the humidifier and I don't have a snowballs chance in hell...but we're tryin.