Friday, January 04, 2008

~letter to the interview beyotch~

I decided to write a 'thank you' (cough-cough) note to the lady I had the phone interview with may not change things or get me a face to face interview, but it made me a feel just a little bit better.

Here's what I wrote:


It was nice to speak with you briefly yesterday however I must say that I am quite disappointed that I am not being given a chance for a face-to-face interview because I am pregnant and won't be available for work until early-March. It certainly borders on discrimination. I realize the staffing goal is to have the position filled by mid-February, but I have also worked in recruiting long enough to know that those goals are often not met and what is most important is finding the right candidate for the position.

In my opinion, if you believed that I was a good candidate for the position, then the correct thing to do would have been to inform the hiring manager of my situation and let him/her make the decision to consider me (or not) after I have interviewed with them. At this point, they are not even given the chance to meet me or determine whether I would be a fit for the position.

In the grand scheme of things, the difference in my availability and when they would like the position filled is only two weeks.

I probably should have emphasized the discrimination piece more, but I figure at least by throwing the word in there, maybe that'll scare her...hee hee. I sent the message at 8:28am today and she never did respond. Ha! This morning I had decided that if she didn't respond, I would then proceed with filing an EEOC complaint. I was looking on-line for the form last night but could not find it, so I'll have to look again. I figure I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE at this point.


Anonymous said...

Huh, well except for the "this borders on discrimination" part, I'd say you made a good case for them allowing you an interview regardless. You probably did freak her out, and she either forwarded it to her supervisor or, she didn't, because if they're with a discrimination claim she'd be fired. I can feel the tingly she must've gotten in her stomach when she read that line.

krystyn said...

I hope she is still tingling from it and that it scared the crap outta her! LOL! I really do.

em said...

Hehe. I love you. Some people really need a letter like that.

Cathleen said...

What a great letter! Even if it doesn't get you the interview you deserve hopefully writing it made you feel better!

Nichole said...

That is a fantastic letter! :-)