Wednesday, May 07, 2008

~ended up being a bad day~

Things started off well this morning as the scale was down a couple pounds for me. I was pleased to see my workouts paying off.

As lunch approached - all went downhill: I broke down in tears when I was informed that evil mgr contacted the gal that covered for me during my maternity leave to come work 1/2 days for the 3 wks between when I leave and the new lady starts. Of course she is going to do it, if you recall from my earlier posts, she was constantly saying how desperate she was/is for the money and even though she has another role w/the same company, the pay is substantially less so I'm sure she's ecstatic to come and fill in here where the money is better. How convenient for her? She ends up with a long term contract job w/the company simply from filling in for my maternity leave and I end up with nothing. (Karma Gods hate me)

What really irks me though is that evil mgr kept asking for my contact information saying she would contact me if something changed etc. etc. ...well somehow I don't think that'll happen now cuz they'll just call 'maternity leave' girl instead (that is what is most upsetting to me) Why pretend you will contact me when in reality you have NO intention of doing so, despite how happy the hiring managers are with me?

Oh and I forgot to mention, they are having her start next Wednesday so I can bring her up to speed...I'm so NOT in the mood for that. 

I feel so unbelievably insulted, crapped on, disregarded, worthless, unappreciated and useless.

I guess all I've done in the role in the short 5 months I've been there means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I really want to just crawl under a rock and not come out EVER. I could probably be diagnosed as Clinically Depressed at this point. I truly cannot think of one thing to be happy about...and please don't say "Ethan" - yes, I love him and am happy with him, but I certainly can't feed him or keep a roof over his head if I don't have a job.

I feel like such a failure today.


Amy said...

Sorry Krystyn. Sending cheery thoughts and warm vibrations and hugs and, mmm, whatever else you want. Hmm, a good thing - it can't get worse? (I don't think you can get jinxed if I say it, can you?)

krystyn said...

I'm sure it could get worse - just wait, something else is bound to happen - at least it seems that way to me. Anything positive would come as a shock to me @ this point.

Chele76 said...

(((hugs))) it will get better... it *has* to get better. ((((more hugs)))

slumber party??? ;)

krystyn said...

Yes Chele-I'm up for a slumber party. Anything to escape this nightmare I'm stuck in lately.

em said...

:( Wish I could say some magic words to make it better...