Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~so productive~

I am SO productive when I don't have to work...here's what I got done today...

~dropped E @ sitters
~went to temp agency, completed application & interview (2 hrs)
~went to post office, mailed package, bought stamps
~changed clothes in car
~picked up E from sitters
~went to hospital to drop off key and ID badge
~stopped @ SBUX to visit former co-workers
~drove home
~made 1/2 dozen deviled eggs per O's request
~made meatloaf for dinner
~1 load of laundry
~filled and ran dishwasher
~caught up on friends blogs
~tweeked resume
~fed E in between all of other activity
~changed a few diapers as well
~went to bank to open savings acct for E
~stopped @ Walgreen's to buy box to ship out Ebay stuff
~ran 1.25 miles on treadmill
~60 crunches
~2 sets of arm weights

It's only 7pm - I could still get quite a bit more done too....


Anonymous said...

See, who said stay at home mom's don't work!

Mary said...

umm, wow! you got a ton done!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm telling you, working really cramps a girl's style doesn't it? ;-)

Chele76 said...

wow - look at you go!

Stacy said...

I think you were made to be a SAHM...now if you can just find somebody to pay you for it.......when you do, be sure to give them my number too :)