Monday, May 05, 2008


I sure wish someone would buy something from My Etsy Store. I don't think I'll bother making anything more 'til something else sells. Smart, huh?

Why after I post an update on Twitter do completely random people choose to 'follow me'?? Some of them are following more than 20,000 people too...really..what's the point? You can't possibly read that many Twitter updates.

I did some walking & running on the t-mill tonight as well as 50 more situps...I wasn't in the mood but I figured that was even MORE reason to do it...maybe it will give me a jolt of endorphins and put me in a better mood.

I don't know what is more difficult - taking pictures of Ethan or taking pictures of Milo &'s nearly impossible to get any of them to look @ the camera.

I'm going to a crop on Saturday. It's supposed to be an all-day crop from 8am-10pm but for me it'll be more like 12pm-7pm (if that). I was really excited about it 4 wks ago when I signed up but not so much now. I figure it's one of only 2 days I spend with E and I'm missing out AND I'll have to pump (blech!) when I'm there. I will not be going to another crop for quite some time. The only reason I'm not backing out of this one entirely is because I've already paid for it. Maybe I can offset the guilt by working on the 1 year of mini-books for Ethan while I'm there. I need to finish March and April.

I signed up for Up & Running with Photoshop with Jessica Sprague. It started today. I'm determined to learn this freakin' program. I have successfully completed Lesson 1. My computer does not like running PS and IE @ the same time...this could be an issue later on. Here's the layout I made:

The only 'issue' is that frame came as is and the orange line runs into E's mouth...oh well.

It's almost 9pm, I'm off to bed.


Stacy said...

The LO is gorgeous! And I ddin't even notice the 'line' thing until you mentioned it!

Hope you have a great week!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I didn't notice the line either. =)

The Twitter thing? They are "collectors". They view the most recent Tweets & then follow everyone on there, just to build up that number. Those people annoy me. I promptly block them. I usually check out anyone who follows me & if they have 1000 people they follow or just generally give me a weird feeling (based on their Tweets), I block them.

Nichole M said...

What line?

I've tried doing some *very* simple things with PE, and after three hours of cursing, decided to never, ever try it again. Well, unless some really smart person randomly decided to show me what to do. :-P

I don't get those twitter people either. I do the same thing Dawn does. Block most of 'em. It's not a competition to see how many people you can follow! Sheesh.

krystyn said...

Stacy-thanks. I hope you have a great week too.

Dawn-I do the same as you with those Twitter 'collectors'. Thank goodness for the 'block' feature.

Nichole-I know what you mean about PS, I was super frustrated with it but this class has helped already - even with only 1 lesson and the best part is the class is only $45. All the classes I've ever seen on PS cost at least $100.