Tuesday, May 06, 2008


~not much to report today...still in a bit of a funk over the work thing. I guess I'm just 'screwed'...

~when talking to my mgr and co-workers in her office (in Ohio) - I get the same thing "make sure we have your contact info and if anything changes we'll get in touch with you" - for some reason that doesn't make me feel ANY better. They might as well just say "thanks for setting up the entire recruiting process for your location, now we are giving the job to someone else even though you wanted a full time position all along, everyone @ your job site hates to see you go and we've gotten rave reviews on your work" Damnit!

~got my workout in again tonight. 2 nights in a row. that's a streak for me...let's see how long it lasts. I even managed to race up to Old Navy to make a return.

~I've gotten progressively better at multi-tasking. I am feeding E while typing this! How's that for talent? I figure if I want to post at all, I have to find a way to do it while taking care of him @ the same time.

~my iPod almost went to the iPod graveyard today. I play it @ work on a little portable speaker and when I disconnected it to leave, it just froze. Different songs would play but the screen stayed the same...strange. Thankfully I was able to restore it here @ home and I'm now reloading my songs. I still think it may have 1 foot in the grave as their life expectancy is only 2 years and I think we've exceeded that a bit....I really really really want an iTouch so if my iPod does kick the bucket, I may have to get the iTouch. (but not if I'm making peanuts...then I'll just have to go without).


Stacy said...

Good on ya girl for sticking with the workouts! I soooo need your motivation :)

And iPods only have a 2 year life expectancy????Ahhh! Thta means the 3 we have in our house are coming to the end of their lives...say it isn't so :(

Nichole M said...

Is there a place you can buy refurbed iPods? I don't want mine to die... two years??? That's less than a freaking *hamster*.