Thursday, May 15, 2008

~the reason~

I spoke with friend last night, told her about the job 'drama' of the past few weeks.

Her response 'everything happens for a reason, you just may not know the reason right now'

I sure wish I COULD know the reason because it would truly ease my mind and all the stress I am carrying (hence being awake @ 2:04am).

I was doing OK this week so far, looks like these last 2 days of the work week I may not fare so well.

Once upon a time, I lived a virtually stress-free life (and I was happy)...I truly long for those days. I miss stability and peace of mind. I think it's about time they return to my life. If you find them, please point them in my direction.

Did I mention how much I'll miss many of the people @ my work?

I find myself trapped sometimes asking "why, why, why did my manager do this to me?" It makes no business sense.

I'm sorry, apparently, I'm still stuck in a (negative) rut here.


em said...

It does seem really difficult to see the reason for things sometimes, but hopefully some day in the future it will be clear. For now...hang in there!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hate waiting for The Reason. In my experience, there always is one, but that *really* doesn't help when I don't know what it is. =/