Saturday, May 03, 2008

Got this list from Nichole, who got it from Dawn...

Maybe I should... go to bed.

I love the smell of... fresh corn tortillas.

People would say that I'm...reliable.

I don't understand why...weight loss has to be so difficult.

When I wake up in the morning... I often wish I could get a couple more hours of sleep.

I lost...a lot of sleep in the past 3 months. LOL!

Life is full of... lessons learned.

My past is... full of many things I would like to go back and do differently.

I get annoyed... when people are dishonest.

Parties are...not very exciting for me.

I wish...they lady who is taking my job would change her mind (and soon).

Dogs... are supercute, but can be a lot of work.

Cats... are also supercute and require much less work.

Tomorrow... is a day of rest & relaxation (I hope).

I have low tolerance...for people who think they are better than others.

I'm totally terrified by...not being able to support myself.

I wonder why...the Karma Gods have been so hard on me lately? What did I do?

Never in my life have I...bungee jumped.

High school... was just 'ok'...not great, not awful.

When I'm nervous... I cannot concentrate.

One time, at a family gathering...we ate cake & ice cream & celebrated birthdays...well, actually that happened MORE than just one time.

Take my advice...I have no good advice to give, I tend to make poor decisions so I wouldn't want to steer you wrong.

Making my bed... is not a common occurance these days.

I almost always...go to bed by 9:30pm during the week.

I'm addicted to... caffeine-free diet dr. pepper

I want someone to... lower the gas prices.


Nichole M said...

lol at your answer for dogs and cats! hahahaha

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hear ya on the gas prices. Ugh. And you are not my only friend to be questioning Karma lately. =/ She sure can be a bitch.