Wednesday, November 07, 2007

~bad, bad, bad, bad news~

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse...

I have been working "contract" for the past 3 was only a matter of time.

I received THE call today.

My contract is ending on 11/30.

They "claim" they need to bring my position "in-house" to support more projects in 2008. Since it's Corporate America, it's probably a lie, but whatever.

I was initially only given 'til 11/21 (a whole 10 work days, how generous of them), but I asked for more time than that and got a whole extra week.

When my manager (whom I've NEVER met in person) said "you can stay on 'til Thanksgiving, that is, if you want to work". (Yeah, cuz I'm a closet-millionaire and really don't need this job) I said that I (really) need to work as long as possible (and asked to stay on 'til year end) as well as mentioned the small fact that I am 7 MONTHS PREGNANT. She didn't say a word, in one ear, out the surprise to me really.

The response to my request to work til 12/31 was an emphatic "NO"...she didn't even hesitate.

I have always thought that the lowest, crappiest, sleeziest thing a company could do is to let someone go right before the holidays...I just don't get it. That goes beyond lack of compassion. It's a slap in the face. Companies want employees to be loyal and when they are, this is what they get in return. How nice!

I think I just lost my appetite for Thanksgiving and I don't foresee any Christmas shopping in my future...I think I'll just sleep through Dec 25th.

Did I mention that I'm the breadwinner in the house right now?

Going into an interview with my fat-ass stomach sticking out isn't going to go over too well either. As soon as they see me, they'll either bust a gut laughing or tell me that the interviewer has had a conflict come up and we'll have to reschedule.

I'm screwed!!

Oh and I've already heard "everything happens for a reason", "when one door closes, another opens", "God only gives us as much as we can handle" etc. etc. I don't really buy into any of these, nor are they helpful.

It's just me and my kleenex right now.


Anonymous said...

Oh that sucks! You're right, it's pretty low to fire right before the holidays. Even if things suddenly turned and they couldn't have anticipated this happening earlier, at least be sympathetic. I guess this means your dreaded trip to Dallas is off, huh?

Maybe you can get a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit out of this, for the interviewers who obviously turn you away because you're pregnant. . . write down the names of anybody who says "well we want somebody permanent and we know you'll not return after the baby's born."

Sorry Krystyn.

krystyn said...

They've known for a while. Apparently they already hired someone to do my job there in Dallas. They held interviews more than 1 month ago.

Nichole said...

I'm so sorry, K. That just really *sucks*. :-( hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh that is just extra sucky.

Freebird said...

Again, they SUCK!

Mary said...

oh that totally sucks!!!! Can they even do that with you being pg now? So horrible; and it sucks that they have already been interviewing your replacement. Do you get any severance? Sucks sucks sucks.

krystyn said...

They didn't know I was PG, but they do now...probably won't change anything.

I work on contract so technically PEPSI is not my employer, so NOPE, no severance.

I emailed the contracting company to see if they have any opps in Knoxville...have not yet heard back (I doubt they have job opps here anyway).

I will not be able to get unemployment because I work at SB-no point. I have to stay @ SB even longer now. I'll be one of those 8.5 month PG gals serving coffee...can you look any more like white trash than that? I don't think so!?!? Yep, this is why I went to college.

And before you say I'm being "negative"'s 4th quarter and I've worked in Corporate America long enough to know that NO ONE HIRES during 4th quarter.

It's pretty "funny" now that my mgr said "if you find something sooner (before 11/30), just let me know, it will be fine"...yeah, cuz we all know that landing a professional job within 2-3 wks is SO POSSIBLE.


Ho Ho Ho - Merry &^%$#@# Christmas to me.

Anonymous said...

Did your contract say anything, ANYTHING, about how much time they had to give you when letting you go, or any pay you were entitled to? I'm guessing it was a pretty standard "we can let you go whenever for whatever reason," but maybe there's something?

Chele76 said...

oh Krystyn, that really blows. My thoughts are with you that SOMETHING positive falls from the sky.... like a trunk full of $100-dollar-bills.... or a long-lost Daddy Warbucks... you deserve it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know what? Corporate America sucks. This whole situation does.

krystyn said...

Amy-nope, nothing in the contract.

Chele-at this point, I'd take getting struck down my lightning..heck, I almost expect it considering how my life has been recently.

Dawn-yes indeed it sucks...all of it. When it rains, it pours...this is proof.

em said...

:( That is crap. :(

Janeen Jordan said...

Oh man, this is just bad timing! I can empathize though...hubs and I both lost our jobs last September, so we were both out of work until he landed something decent in mid December. It's been an up hill battle ever since. I'm sorry so this has happened and at the worst time of year too.