Thursday, November 01, 2007

~one word~

Nothing to blog this from Dawn.

The Air: cool
Favorite Fall Indulgence: sweaters
Out Your Window: grass
On Your Desk: phone
On Your Feet: socks
Favorite Fall Smell: bonfires
Temperature On Your Thermostat: 70
Your Shirt: yellow
Your Hair: disaster
Something You Want to Make Sure You Do this Fall: sleep
Where You Last Took a Fall (heh): church
Your Last Drink: agua
Your Last Meal: soup
You're Thinking About: crying
Hearing: blabber
Your Favorite Fall Color: orange
Your Take On Seasonal Novelty Flags (i.e. turkeys, pumpkins, scarecrows): blech
A New Fall Show You Like: Journeyman
Your Plans for the Evening: Work
Your Relationship With Pumpkins: yum


Anonymous said...

I like Journeyman too! I like those kinds of science fiction shows.

Mary said...

hope work went ok tonight!

Cathleen said...

Don't be discouraged, I still read your blog just don't have much time to check it lately! Love the pumpkin picture on your banner BTW!

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG. 70. I would freeze! LOL!

Freebird said...

You feel at church. Ooooh. lol sorry. Hope it wasn't recent.

HEY, speaking of soup, I've found the best soup in a can. I'd tell you now, but I just took a picture for a post I was going to do on my great find. I'll blog about it soon. :-) Hope you're doing okay! Sorry, I haven't been by so much.

krystyn said...

When I say "fell" at was not in the literal sense.