Thursday, November 15, 2007

~totally random~

Here's a totally random post and my attempt at being 'positive' when in reality I feel like complete crap and would like to just disappear forever!!

~I could eat toaster waffles everyday...I was reminded how good they are when I had them for breakfast today.

~I applied for a job today with Nielson Media...lots of great benefits, too much driving but they provide a company car, they want someone bilingual, could be interesting...we'll see what happens.

~My dad is coming in town today to have lunch and take me to Babies R Us. :-)

~Hands down....this has been the crappiest year of my life...I sure hope 2008 is better. (ok, so that wasn't too positive)

~I do not have to work at SB tonight...finally can watch Grey's LIVE instead of via DVR.

~It's really something when people know you are leaving a job, they start being even more rude to you than they originally were. WTF?

~I feel a strong urge to send a scathing email to a couple people in a couple wks...we'll see. I feel the need to speak my mind in this situation.

~Project Runway debuted last night - wahoo - I stayed up 'til 1am so I could watch it...looks like another great season in store.

~I'm still waiting to hear from the lady regarding rescheduling the interview that was supposed to happen yesterday...getting quite discouraged at this point.

~This week is dragging by.

~A friend of mine is trying to get me free diapers and formula via her mom, who is an OB...that would be SO awesome. I don't want to use formula, but if I'm not working @ home, it'll be difficult to do 100% boob juice.


Anonymous said...

Married and pregnant and 2007 is STILL the crappiest year of your life. Wow that is just terrible, I'm sorry!

People who are rude when you're leaving are rude because they're probably lazy and realize now they're going to have to actually work. Idiots.

krystyn said...

Amy-yep there are many other 'bits' and 'pieces' of my life that I don't blog about that have qualified 2007 to be the crappiest year of my life. Sad, but true.

Mary said...

surely to god this woman will call you and get things all set for tomorrow!!! Enjoy your night at home tonight! :)

Cathleen said...

Hopefully a night off will lift your spirits. I think Grey's is finally getting better so that's something...Good Luck with your interview, I personally never seem to do well at them but that doesn't mean you won't shine.

krystyn said...

Mary-still no call OR email from the lady and it's 8:46pm on Thursday night..I'm thinking there will be NO interview tomorrow...lovely!!

Now does everyone see why I DONT GET MY HOPES UP AND WHY I'M SUCH A's because of people and situations such as this. ARGH!!!!!!! WTF??