Friday, November 09, 2007

~good news & a brain teaser~

I received a call yesterday for an interview. The job sounds promising and the salary range is in-line with what I make now, which surprised me since wages aren't too good in this area.

It was a very positive phone interview and I'm looking forward to meeting her on Wednesday. Now I just need to find some "interview-appropriate" clothing....

They sent me an on-line "test" and here are a couple of the questions that were included. I could not figure these two out for the life of me....give them a try and let me know what you come up with.

What should be the next number in the series?

60 30 20 15 12

Here's another...

23:3983 as 32: ______


Anonymous said...

That's great about the interview. Is it another work from home job? Do they know you're pregnant?

Here's my answers:

For the first one, it's 10. The numbers start out at 1 hour (60 minutes) and go down - 1/2 (30), 1/3 (20), 1/4 (15), 1/5 (12), so the final is 1/6 (10). I have no idea if that's right, it's just a guess.

For the second one, what follows 32 is what followed 23, only backwards (I can't remember the numbers now). That's a guess too.

krystyn said...

Dang Amy!! U R SO SMART!! I know you got 1st one correct, my mom and her husband figured it out. I just stared at it forever and couldn't get it, but then math was never my strong spot.

I'll have to look @ the 2nd one again. You are probably right though.

As for the job, I would not be working from home -which kind of sucks, but I think there is flexibility to work from home ON OCCASION. Yes, I told the lady I was PG - no sense going to an interview when it would be entirely obvious once she would see me. She was totally fine with the situation...very cool!

*crossing fingers* that I land this job.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I checked on question 2, there were lots of different "answers" but I couldn't confirm which was right. I didn't see my possibility anywhere though.

Mary said...

wow, I am impressed on the first one - I was clueless! the 2nd one stumps me, is it as easy as reversing the numbers...23:3983 as 32:3893??

*SEE* you tomorrow night!! and keeping fingers crossed on the job!

em said...

Okay so I didn't read the other comments yet...

but i think
23:3983 as 32:3893

and the first one really screwed me up...but i think it is

50 divided by 6, so ten and then 60 divided by 7...and I have no idea what that is right now...and so forth...

Good news about the job!!

em said...


i meant 60 divided by six.

sorry! and it looks like maybe that is right???

~**Dawn**~ said...

My fingers are *so* crossed for you girlie. You deserve a break right now more than anyone I know. (((HUGS)))

Freebird said...

Congrats on the job interview! Let us know how it goes.