Friday, November 16, 2007

~life continues to suck~

~interview lady finally called this morning @ 9:40am

~she didn't sound 'under the weather'

~they are moving forward with an 'internal' person

~eventually they'll build to 4 recruiters (2 more to fill)

~so she wants to stay in touch and possibly bring me in for one of the other positions

~that could be months down the road

~certainly doesn't help me out right now

~she asked me "how does that sound to you?"

~how do I answer that? "it sounds like crap to me, I need a job now, not 4 months down the road"

~I didn't say that, although I wanted to.

~Now try and tell me that being PREGNANT had NOTHING to do with this decision...I think NOT!!! I'm not an idiot!! (that's what I get for being honest and forthright)

~Looks like I'll be working 40 hrs/wk at Starbucks come 12/3...yep, cuz that's why I went to college.


Amy said...

Oh, that sucks. Now, don't perceive this as me not allowing you to complain, because it's your blog and you can say what you want! BUT, as someone who works for the state, and someone whose husband works for the state (it seems more open there, for some reason), it happened A LOT that jobs would be "open and advertised", people brought in for interviews, when all along the job was always going to the internal person, or the friend of the hiree, but it had to be "opened" for appearances. So it's possible the pregnancy had nothing to do with it.

But, I do bet the "we're going to build up to four, I'll keep in touch, how does that sound," was her way of trying to make sure that you couldn't ever come back and try to sue for that.

krystyn said...

Amy-I understand what your saying. After working 10 yrs in recruiting, I know that people are interviewed even though an internal person has been in-mind the whole time. In this case, I didn't even get the interview. Why did she even call me to schedule anything to begin with? I didn't post for this job, she found my resume and called me.

It's just a bit ironic to me that even though she said being PG didn't matter, that I don't hear from her for 4 days and when I do, she certainly doesn't sound like she's getting over a cold and then she says they are putting an internal person in the position.

Sorry, people just don't get the benefit of the doubt with me anymore.

And I'm sure if/when I hear from her again, it'll be after Feb 2008, when I just so happen to not be PG anymore.

Or I may never hear from her..we'll see.

Amy said...

You should have said "Is this because I'm pregnant?" Heehee, then maybe they would have given you the job just because.

Mary said...

oh that SUCKS. I mean, sure it's good that you have SB as a backup, but it sucks that it'll be your FT thing for while. Hopefully a VERY SHORT while.

em said...

That really does suck. I totally wish that you could tell her the truth, but obviously I understand why you can't burn bridges...but that was really shitty of them.