Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~interview update~

~I finally received an email from the lady @ 7pm last night (I was at SB). She was out sick and said it was likely she would be out Wed too.

~We are trying to reschedule for Friday.

~I am waiting to hear back from her.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Well that's about the best case scenario for not having heard from her. It's crappy that you have to wait longer but at least there will still be an interview.

Anonymous said...

What a relief!

Mary said...

phew, I agree - it's the best case for no communication from the lady. I hate waiting, but the way this week has flown by, it'll be here soon. What time on Friday?

krystyn said...

Still don't have a time for Friday yet...she has not responded to my email...hopefully I hear from her Thursday, otherwise, well, otherwise life will suck more than it already does.