Wednesday, April 08, 2009

~almost over~

A run through of what my Monday's (& Tuesdays) have been like since January and why I cannot wait 'til this semester is over with:

6:15am Wake up & Shower
6:30am E is up, Change his diaper
6:45am Sitter arrives, E wants to be with mommy 'til she leaves though
7:00am Keep getting ready while tending to E
7:15am Make my lunch while tending to E
7:30am Leave for work, wave bye to E watching me from the window
7:50am Arrive @ work, make long trek from parking lot to building
8:00am-5:00pm Work
5:10pm Trek back to parking lot, move car to different parking lot closer to building where night class is held
5:45pm Cross Cultural (Monday)/Death & Dying (Tuesday) Class
7:00pm Bathroom break. Maybe get bag of chips or (unhealthy) snack of some kind for dinner.
8:35pm Class over. Drive Home.
9:00pm Arrive home
9:05pm Put on pajamas
9:10pm Put E to bed if he isn't already asleep
9:15pm Pick up the bazillion items on the floor, wash the pile of dishes so kindly left for me by non-multi-tasking household member
10:00pm Sit down, if I'm lucky. Realize I need to study & there is no time for fun or relaxation.
10:30pm Bedtime, if I don't have pressing homework to do.
11:30pm Bedtime, if I stayed up to study.


KekeLynn said...

Wow! There is no way I would last a week of that! Keep going, you are so close to the end of the semester!!!

Miss Stylishly Graceful said...

7:50am Arrive @ work, make long trek from parking lot to building...i deal with the same thing...i mean if the lot was closer to the building maybe i wouldnt have so much trouble with being on time...sheesh cant they relocate the lot :| LOL

remember moments said...

Miss Stylish: I'm glad someone understands my dilemma here. I am late almost everyday (5-10 min) because it takes me at least 15 to walk to the freakin' building.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Stay strong, it's almost over!

Klay Kisses said...

Wow, I thought I had it rough. I am not sure I could keep up ttwith that scedule at all. Great job! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Looks like you have it rough, keep going, you're almost done :) Hope your baby's smiles give you the strengh to do it all !!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Wow, sounds like you have it rough ! It's almost over though, stay positive :o) Hope your baby's smiles give you the strengh to keep going !

ange said...

You are so nearly there, please don't give up.
Multi-tasking will forever seem easier once this semester is done.