Saturday, April 04, 2009

~sense of accomplishment~

I really need to feel a sense of acccomplishment this weekend with regards to school work.

On Thursday I finished my Power Point presentation which goes along with the Ethnicity paper that I finished last week. I will present on Monday night.

I am still plugging along on that #$%^& Alcohol & Craving paper. It's been a struggle, to say the least. I usually don't have such trouble writing papers. Definitely picked the wrong topic on this one.

I still have a paper to write for my Death & Dying class as well as another paper for my Cross Cultural class (4 papers total for this class this semester, blech!!)

Lastly, I have to make a DVD demonstrating my (non-existent) motivational interviewing skills for the dreaded substance abuse class.

I have 17 days to get all of this done!! Crap!!

I'm hoping that I can get some of the Alcohol paper done today and not have to leave it all for Sunday, because I need more than just Sunday to finish it.

I will be taking time out from schoolwork to take E to an Easter egg hunt today @ 2pm. Apparently, there are 6,000 eggs to be found!!! I bet it took a while to hide them all. Should be fun!!!

And I think I lacked to mention the great finds we scored @ the consignment sale this week. I took a bunch of his itty bitty clothes there to sell and then also went to get some bigger clothes for him. They sell anything & everything to do with kids and pregnancy, including toys and since E already had a good collection of the Fisher Price Little People going, well, we had to contribute to it. Now we have a full fledged farm/petting zoo in the middle of the floor of his room. All with sound effects!! Awesome!!


K. Michel said...

"Alcohol" and "Death & Dying"? It sounds to me like you're a Psych Major. If this is the case, I feel your pain. I have to write a paper... about other papers. Talk about stressful.

But, then you have to do a presentation. You nervous?

Nina said...

I must say that after stumbling upon your blog yesterday, I returned today. I couldn't comment yesterday for some reason, so today's comment will actually be about your previous post about the husband.
Been there. Your husband seems familiar to me in the sense that I, too, had a husband somewhat like this. He would find things to be pissed about like your ex scenario. What the truth is, is that if you HAD emailed the ex telling him of your marriage and child, he'd have been pissed about that then. My prediction is this: husband will continue to dwindle your spirit in various ways. Get out and move to NYC if you want to remain a human being with feelings and love left in her heart.
(Merely a "suggestion": not intended to harm anyone...) LOL

AllisonRhodes said...

Good luck! I'm working full-time and studying like mad for the LSAT, hoping to apply for law school in 2010.

You can do it!

P.S. I scored major finds at my pre-K daughter's consignment sale for both the 6 year old and the 9 year old. It was great.

noreen said...

You blogs are pretty interesting. I can somewhat relate to them. Your blog on husband inspired me so much that I started my own blog. I didn't knew writing things out brings so much relief to one's inner self.I am so inspired by your blog that I somewhat named it similar to yours. Mine goes by Altt thanks to you. Keep on writng your writing is very powerful.


Hit 40 said...

Great deals at the consignment shop! Garage Sales and consignment are definitely the way to go. I sometimes get more for an item when I resale it than when I originally bought it. Good luck on your papers! Pour a margarita and start writing!! You can do it!!!

CrazyCris said...

Good luck with that! Courses entitles "Alcohol" and "Death and Dying" sound a bit depressing to me... no wonder you're having trouble writing the papers!

Hope you're not stressed about the presentation, I know they can be fear enducing! Double check your animations / images on another computer... I had to give a presentation at a high school this week as part of my teaching training, and for some reason the images were all screwed up! On my computer all was perfect, but once at the school... half of my gorgeous photos were just blank white squares!!! :o( To think I practically pulled an all-nighter to get it done...

so again, BEST OF LUCK with it all!


Arley said...

OMG!! How do you do it? 4 papers due in 17 days, and you have to do the Mom and wife thing. Wow, and I thought home schooling and house work was rough. My hat is off to you!! Best of luck with your papers!

Anonymous said...

You got me thinking back to my college days 25 and a little plus years ago.
Have fun at the Easter Egg Hunt - you need the R&R.
Sending good vibes

Leo Watkins said...

woop woop sounds fun.

all the best of luck :)

pinklotus said...

have fun! i like reading your blog everyday!