Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~email cleanup!~

About a year or almost two ago I made the official move to Gmail for my primary email account. I was previously using Yahoo and my account was getting spammed to death and I just could not take it any longer. I now check my Yahoo account about once per month just to see if there is a straggler email message in there anywhere. Today I decided to clean up my Yahoo Inbox and here is what accumulated in the past month...

~258 total messages

~22 from Kohl's...Whoa! That's almost 1 per day. Unsubscribe!!!!

~16 from Expedia...depressing since I have NO money to travel ANYWHERE!

~14 from Barnes & Noble - Overkill IMO.

~14 from American Airlines...again, depressing. Unsubscribe!!!

~13 from Eddie Bauer

~8 from - I subscribed to this one back in 2006 when I was free and fortunate enough to travel to NYC 3 times and see 8 shows. Today: Unsubscribe!!

So clearly, that does not total 258, but there were an abundance of other junk messages to which I quickly unsubscribed. I'm VERY interested to see in one month from now just how many of those junk messages still show up. I have very little faith in the whole 'unsubscribe' function.

On the bright side, I discovered that my banking institution had my old phone number and email address so I quickly updated my profile with them. Yay!


Bill or "B" said...

We seem to have the same problem. I have 3 email accounts yahoo, google, and live. I get so much spam on my yahoo account that is hard to keep up. So i think I'll follow your lead and switch everything to my gmail. Thanks for the post.

Gaston Studio said...

How do you like gmail? We use embarq and I absolutely hate it, not to mention that it does weird things like sending out blank email to people by itself which is confusing as hell to the recipients!

remember moments said...

Bill-glad I was helpful!

Gaston-I love GMAIL. It is very easy to use and has a lot of great folder options and best of all, I don't get a truckload of junk mail like I did with Yahoo!!!

Argent said...

I've been using Yahoo for years and get almost no spam (oh-oh, that's torn it! bet I get loads now LOL.) Mine's a address though so maybe that's why. I try never to subscribe to stuff 'cos I hate cleaning it all out - except for my Blogger mails of course!

kimmiekat said...

I love my g-mail account and use that only at home. It is great. If you report something as spam...Magic Poof it is gone!

Nikke said...

I absolutely love Gmail.
I got an email address through them over a year ago and I never get any spam.
Yahoo on the other hand, I get a ton a day!
In the past 2 days, I have 205 joke!
I should probably just close that account since I never use it anymore.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I go through the same thing with my old Hotmail account. I still keep it, just because--and also for when I need to give my email address for something I don't want to really give it to. ;-) But I only log in maybe twice a month to check it. The amount of spam is jus ridiculous! My Gmail has been slipping & letting some spam through to my inbox the last few days but even with that it's still considerably less than Hotmail!