Thursday, April 23, 2009

~let's be honest~

Fidgeting Gidget passed the Honest Scrap Award on to me today!!!

The rule is to list 10 honest things about yourself, so here goes:

1) I sucked my thumb until a completely embarrassing age.

2) I miss being Single just about everyday.

3) I never liked running, but started training for 5k races back in 2004, which helped me lost about 25 lbs and gave me TONS of energy. Now up 18lbs post baby and I wish I could get back the motivation to start running again.

4) During Fall & Winter I have to wear socks 24/7, my feet are ALWAYS cold. In the Spring/Summer, total opposite, I never wear socks and usually wear only flip flops.

5) I have never broken a bone in my body, but I've had 3 knee surgeries.

6) My son is 14 months old, I'm still nursing him because the weaning process involves crying and my husband gets really sad frustrated when E cries like that. I somewhat resent husband for not being 'tough enough' to support me in this. The weaning process will begin on May 4, when O leaves for bootcamp.

7) I really miss playing softball and hope that I am able to get back to it someday.

8) I often get stuck thinking about my past and the gazillion things I would do differently.

9) I really dislike being in Graduate School at my age. Wish I would have done it years ago.

10) I could eat ChickFila every day.

I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 people, but honestly, I've chosen so many blogs in the past week for other awards/tags that I really don't know who to pick. How about if you want to do this, go right ahead. Leave me a link so I can check out your list.


live the life you love said...

so #3 is very encouraging b/c let's face it... running sucks, but i sooo want to loose weight.

& i can completely agree with #10. best fast food ever made!! : )

Gaston Studio said...

Hmmmm, interesting truths, especially the part when you say you miss being single every single day!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Good list...I knew I could count on you! :) Yay for weaning day coming up! You'll get your body back to yourself!

Mrs. C said...

Too cute! I did one of these awhile back. I also love chick-fil-a!!

mydebtcomeback said...

oh man...i wish we had a chikfila in chicago!!

lolit said...

i am smiling while reading your honest to goodness revelations. hmmm I think i like to be single too,lol....precisely for being free from loads. Losing weight? ah, yes i like that too, but too busy to begin with or shall i say lazy? whatever! thanks for sharing.

KekeLynn said...

4 and 8 I can totally relate to. Flip flops in summer everyday for everything. Socks in fall and winter. And big socks. I love knee highs or higher. I have the warmest pair ever.. cable knit thigh highs!!!

The Gym Rat said...

Thank you for helping me break my blogger's block. I loved your honesty. Here is a link to my list if you want to check it out.

Cathleen said...

Maybe I will actually start blogging again if I have a little push!

Anonymous said...

Excellent list.

(I sucked my finger for way,way too long - don't tell anybody.)

Latrell said...

I wanted to nurse my babies but never could produce enough milk, with my middle daughter the dr actually told me that my milk was starving her to death. So I never went through breaking them from it. However your comment about wanting to wean your baby brought back the funniest memory.

I was in the doctors office with my middle daughter and there was a woman in the waiting room with her son who had to be close to two years old. The little boy kept pulling on his mommy's shirt crying " I want ni ni" she kept telling him no and to stop it but finally after about 20 minutes she gave up and said "ok fine!" the little boy climbed up in her lap, raised her shirt and helped himself to "ni ni". It was comical but the mom really looked like she was fed up with the weaning process!

Daphne said...

Polynisian sauce!!!
I just ate there today.