Friday, April 10, 2009

~Friday 5~

Friday 5

1. What's something you can draw?
A stick figure. That's about it.

2. Who's someone you could get away with impersonating?
I'll have to say my mom, as I have done it once before when I was in high school and the assistant principal called to tell her I was suspended for a day. Years later I told her. It was hilarious!!

3. Where's the stapler?
On my desk.

4. Why will this be a great weekend?
Because I will have finished one of two remaining papers as well as the DVD project. I will only have one paper left to do. Hooray!! And we are going to do another Easter Egg hunt.

5. When are you going to make that phone call you've been putting off?
Sorry, not sure what phone call you are referring to. I don't need to call anyone. :)


Vanessa said...

Where's the stapler is the eternal question in my house. The answer is almost never known despite almost every single other item being organized to the Nth degree.

bethbbk said...

Thank you - I can really only draw a stick figure too. I am, however, worried that your emoticon says you are "depressed." I hope this gets better with that rockin' weekend you are going to have. Hope your Easter is super!

Anonymous said...

ha ha XD

I came across this blog and loved it

this post especially made me smile :)

and by the way, what are you frustrated about? Your emoticon thingy says that you are :<

AllisonRhodes said...

Good luck on the last paper!!!!!!!!!! Allison