Monday, April 27, 2009

scale shock

~that's what I'm going to call it. that's how I felt this morning after weighing myself.

~I hadn't weighed myself for at least 3 wks because I had not been working out or eating too well, so what's the point, right? Not sure what came over me this morning but the result was enough to propel me into immediately changing my crap-habits.

~You see, I have embarked on workout routines & healthy eating many times post-baby in an effort to shed this 18ish-lbs, but with little to no results. I recently discovered that 30% of women don't actually lose all their babyweight until they stop nursing. I'm REALLY hoping that I'm in that 30%!!! Otherwise I don't know why I haven't had better results when I was consistently working out.

~Today was day 1 of my 'new & improved' habits.

~Thankfully the weather is gorgeous which inspires me to get out with the little man in the stroller and do our 2+ mile hilly walking route. An awesome workout. Takes about 45 minutes. I plan to do this EVERY day this week. Shouldn't have a problem with that.

~I also managed to drink 4 bottles of H2O today, which has been a challenge to do recently, but used to come so easily way back when (I was slimmer).

~Additionally, I ate much better today and even refrained from eating anything @ the 'student worker appreciation dinner' today @ 4:30pm in the office...wanting to leave @5pm sharp helped with the motivation to not eat anything!!

~So now I am exhausted from the walk and I am fighting the urge to consume a gazillion Oreo cookies with a glass of milk, so instead I think I'll go put E to bed and likely zonk out myself. I'm beat!



Chele76 said...

good luck hun! You can do it! Let me knwo if you want to do some motivation teaming up.

The Novelista Barista said...

heyaa!! i am tagging u in a post fyi!! :)

NC Special said...

maybe focus on munching on healthy stuff. something not as bad as oreos haha althought i am no one to talk... trust me i have horrible eating habits!

Anonymous said...

That's what I do when I want to binge in the evenings, sleep! I hear zzz's help you lose weight.

webberpa said...

It is a slow many people I know get discouraged when they dont see immediate results. Just keep kickin the bad stuff to the curb, and you'll be alright.

Anonymous said...

Losing the baby weight is hard. Don't worry, it will come off eventually.

Hang in there and good luck.

lolit said...

congratulations for the perseverance!wish i could have the same convictions,goodluck!

KekeLynn said...

It's hard to keep up the routine when you don't see results from your hard work.

But it's almost summer and the weather is going to be great! That's my current motivation for getting back to exercising.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Yeah, I'm feeling the same way as you, but at least you're starting to change habits. I was actually mulling over a post about this last night since I was a bad girl yesterday...stay tuned. :)

marathoner81 said...

Oreo cookies are my kryptonite, (so are sea salt & vinegar chips).

If i open a bag of oreos consider them gone! I will (and have on many occasions) eat the entire bag in one sitting. I haven't had oreos in the longest time!

Tisha said...

We can support eachother. I have waited 11 years to start shedding my postbaby weight. And it's a struggle, for sure. But the exercise and eating better is slowly making a difference. Can't expect results overnight, right?
Have a great day!