Friday, April 17, 2009

~what to be when I grow up~

~So here I am , almost 38 years old and still don't know what I want to be 'when I grow up'...except for rich and well-traveled. :)

~Anyway, for the past month or so I've been sort of unsure of my graduate program choice but since I'm pretty close to having completed all the coursework, I just figured that I'm stuck and I'll finish the degree and then see what comes my way.

~Lately, I've been considering maybe switching to the School Counseling program instead of the Mental Health Counseling program that I am currently enrolled in. There are numerous benefits, but still the decision is not an easy one for me to make.

~Benefits include summers OFF (of course) once I'm in the workplace. Also, the internship for the School Counseling program is 300 hours shorter. Hooray! That basically means finishing one semester sooner. Double Hooray!! I did notice however, that there are 2 School Counseling specific courses that I would need to take. From what I've seen on-line, that looks like the only difference between the programs.

~I've just sent an email to my advisor to get further clarification on whether this is even a possibility. There are also School Counselor students in my courses right now, so I will be drilling them with questions come Monday & Tuesday.

~My main motivation right now for this change is the work schedule. With having a little one, it's really important to me to spend as much time as possible with him as I can and having Summers off, is HUGE!! That would be awesome. Also, I'd get out early enough in the day to go to his sports events when he gets bigger...or whatever activities he becomes involved in. My mom worked the typical 8am-5pm job back before there was flextime and I was always so bummed out that she could rarely make it to any of my softball games. I don't want to be in that situation when E is bigger. I want to be @ his games to cheer him on and support him!!

~As for compensation, they would both pay approximately in the same (crappy) salary range, so that's pretty much a moot point.

~What would you do?


Heidi Renée said...

My mom was a school counselor in urban high schools for a few years. It was... challenging... but such a wonderful way to help young people who need it. And summers off! I sure do miss those.

KekeLynn said...

hmmm... you'll figure it out. But if it were me and I didn't care a whole lot about the med v. school part, I'd definately be down for summers off!!!

Denise said...

Man o man, if only we knew which way to go! I like the idea of summers off, especially with a family. I'm currently a psych student myself... another year and I should have my BS in FSG (family studies and gerontology). From there I've got to decide the masters program, but I think I'm going to go with the Counseling Psychology so I can then get my LPC. More opportunities. We have so many therapeutic foster placement/counseling agencies here and that's where I ultimately want to be. Flexible scheduling, don't have to have an office, see the kids at the bio homes, school, etc. And I can take on as many or as few kids as I want or have the time for.

Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be great! Good luck in your search!

CrazyCris said...

Both sound interesting to me in that you get to help people. Personally though I'd prefer Student Counseling because that's when you can make the biggest difference in someone's life, when they're young.

But what you need to think about is that you'll be probably be doing this for years and years... so you should choose the one which will be most interesting for you! Although if both have pretty much the same salary, then a lot can be said for a school-related schedule! ;o)

best of luck with your decision!

marathoner81 said...

You could also be a counselor at a would still get summers off and it's an awesome environment.

Arley said...

I think you have to consider a few points. #1 How long do you have until you graduate? Remember your post about the boy who decided to change his major at the last min. You don't want to be that guy. #2 How much more schooling would you have to go through? #3 HS kids are awful. ?y Mom was a teacher at a local public HS in AZ and by time she retired, she hated teenagers. However, I think it takes a certain person to take on the challenge and you seem to be ready and willing! Ask around to people who are taking the course and get as much info as you can. Remember, its your future and family should always come first! Good luck!!

Gaston Studio said...

I ditto CrazyCris! Good luck.

AllisonRhodes said...

I don't think I could resist the summers off. What a concept! Why am I trying to get into law school, LOL?

Good luck deciding ~ Allison

livenomad said...

Enjoying your blog, found it through blogs of note. Wishing you all the best with career choice. :)

ROW said...

Hi I've been following you for a few weeks. I missed all last week but am catching up. I am currently working as a mental health counselor with a school counseling degree. The important thing for you to note whether you would be interested in doing the other once E has graduated or on to other things. I had to make sure the board of behavioral health would accept my degree, which it was CACREP and they did. Also find out if you would be able to work in a school with a mental health degree, it may be possible, here in AZ it is. Those are two key factors if you don't want to find yourself going back to school if you change your mind in the long run! Good Luck!