Saturday, December 04, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Ethan and I decorated the mantle and other LR areas last weekend...still no tree here yet, but I've heard we are going to get one today.

I did have a load of fun making that fun scrapbook paper garland which also turned out to be a great activity for E and I to do together. 

I also really need to work on finding a "special" stocking for E...right now his is either the Pooh or Mickey one...depends on which day you ask him. The best part of those stockings of course, is that they are ginormous!! Mine is in the middle simply for mom is not a big crafty gal, but she did manage to make this stocking for me more than 35 years ago and well, I refuse to part with it or replace it. I've had to put some extra stitching in the loop @ the top, but otherwise, it's in great shape.
And once again, I'm attempting the December Daily project (which I have failed miserably for the past 3 years), so let's see how it goes this time. This is my cover and it's a 5x7 album. Of course, when I compare mine to Ali Edwards, I never end up liking what I've put together.


Amy said...

We don't have a tree up yet either. We are going fake and I have to find one that doesn't look too fake. I am mad now that I told the realtor to dump our one from Juneau when she packed up our stuff. I do have our tiny 2-foot fake tree from last year, but that is just for our family initial ornaments.

Funny, I was just thinking I need stockings for the girls. My mom got them ones last year, but they say "Baby's 1st Christmas", so that's no longer appropriate. I have a mish-mosh of ones I've gotten through the years. I just saw I could get some monogrammed ones from Kohl's for $3.60, but I don't know if that's what I want!

MOMSWEB said...

Beautiful decor! I guess it's time to decorate or we'll miss out. Time goes by so fast! Enjoy the Christmas season!