Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reverb - Day 30

Prompt: Gift. 

This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?

Does it sound ugly or bitter or just plain ungrateful if I say that I did not receive a gift this year that would fit into the above description? I don't mean for it to.

It is the truth though.

Even with my graduation this year...nope. In fact, I'll share with you the lovely story of how my husband went out on the morning OF MY GRADUATION and bought me a bracelet (that I have NEVER EVER mentioned wanting). He also opened a credit card to get it thereby giving us even MORE debt - that we don't need. I ended up taking it back because frankly I wasn't going to wear it. I am a pretty simple jewelry girl... I have a Tiffany 'Return to NY' bracelet and I wear it every day. Oh and did I mention the harassment I got over returning the damn thing? Seriously!! Apparently, he had a hard time getting over that! Whatev! There was NO thought or effort put into this gift and really that is what angers me more. Additionally, I told him NUMEROUS times that I did not want ANYTHING because well, we can't afford it. No big deal. Does he listen? No!! A card would have sufficed, but he didn't bother with that. Turd!

As for Christmas, let's just say I've had better years and 2010 probably ranks as THE worst of all my Christmases. I guess I had a good childhood...and things have gotten progressively worse with age.

I received two wonderful blouses for work, from Eddie Bauer, a brand I wear almost daily and I know their sizes and what fits etc. Well, those buttwipes at Eddie Bauer went and changed their sizing (again!) and the sleeves on both blouses were too back they went. At least I don't think I gained weight in JUST my arms. I did exchange one for a nice pair of khaki pants I can wear to work, but I asked for blouses because I NEED blouses!!

I had also directed family to my Amazon Wishlist for ANYTHING on there...I mean, talk about selection, there are over 50+ items the list. Well, turns out that more than TEN years ago I apparently created an Amazon account and wishlist and when you search by my name, that is the list that comes up. There are 6 items on that list. All items were added in 2000, one of which being a 2001 calendar. No one noticed these {small} details and I received two books I have NO interest in as well as a GINORMOUS Spanish dictionary. I didn't mention this to the gift giver, because it's certainly not her fault and I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings. At least there was thought and effort put into these gifts. Nuff said!

I have since contacted Amazon for help on how I can delete this account. I have tried EVERY email account I have ever had, to no avail. Amazon says they cannot delete the account w/o an email address...well great....I guess it's stuck there forever and I will have to remember to tell everyone to search using my EMAIL address and NOT my name. *big fat sigh of frustration*

Other gifts, while lovely, were small things like some lotion for Bath & Body Works and a gift card from Target. So again, LOVELY, but memorable??? Not so much. 

It is what it is.


lindsay said...

that's weird about your amazon list... cause i just looked up the 6-item list and that's def not the one i stumbled on last year when i had those books shipped to you. i guess you'll have to tell them to search for the remembermoments gift list?

K13 said...

Yeah, the old one comes up under my name and the newer one (although not brand new at all) comes up under my gmail account. So frustrating. Still haven't found a way to "fix" it.

Karen said...

How random about the Amazon list. You would thinkthey could get rid of it somehow. I do love the amazon wish list. Maybe I should double check mine :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

The only other solution I can think of is to maybe try using Kaboodle for your wishlist? That is the site I use & you can add stuff to it from anywhere on the web, including Amazon. That would take away the confusion of potentially getting the wrong wishlist anyway...