Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reverb - Day 22


How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? 

My only travel this year was by car. Two trips to Orlando, FL. One in March. One in July. That is all. Of course, this lack of or limited amount of travel was not my choice...I love to travel and wish I was posting about my multiple trips here and there during this past year...but no such luck for me in 2010.

If money were no object next year, which is HIGHLY unlikely, I would like to travel to Mexico, first to the small town where I lived so that I could visit my friends there. I have not seen them for 10 years! Then I'd love to head over to a beach town, such as Ixtapa or Puerto Vallarta. I'm purely dreaming here, I doubt either of these trips will happen.

What I DO hope to make happen in 2011 though is a road trip up to Michigan. Haven't been up there since October 2006 when the Tigers BEAT the Yankees in World Series Playoffs. Woot!! My best friend has had TWO babies since then, neither of which I have met and she obviously has not met E. A trip up there is OVERDUE! I was hoping my mom could go w/me in March during my Spring Break, but she cannot, so if I do make the trip it will likely be just E and I and frankly, 9-10 hours in a car just he and I sorta frightens me....we'll see what happens.


Amy said...

Um, we are going to Chicago next summer. Can't you plan your road trip for then and swing through Chicago? Then we can meet and go away thinking, "Eh, she sucks in real life!" and not keep begging the other person to move closer!

And I am going to ignore the snottiness behind the beating the Yankees comment.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

If you make it to Michgan, you are super close to come for a visit...just saying...